January 2019   
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Dear Parent,

  We are excited about your child participating in our AWANA program this year. Thank you for allowing yur child to come learn God's word with us.

  Your child's $10 registration includs a workbook for each age appropriate / grade level they will be working on during the year.

  Each child that is starting out in AWANA, or moving on to a new division will start out with a brochure. Once they have successfully completed the brochure, and attended 3 consecutive meetings, they will be considered a "memberr" of AWANA.

   Cubbies earn a best when they complete their Bear Hug Brochure. We will be sending home a note asking you what size vest to order for your child. The cost Is $10 each. There is also a Handbook Bag available for $6.00 each. If you would like to order one to help your child keep up with their bible / supplies.

   Sparks earn a vest after they complete their Flight 3:16 Entrance Booklet. Parents will also recieve notification of your child's achievement with a request  for the size vest you would like us to order.The cost is $10.00 for sizes small (6) through XXX large. These vests run small and your child will wear them from 5K  through 2nd grade. You may want to take this into consideration. There is also available new this year a Sparks Handbook Bag for $5.00.

   Students in T&T will be eligible for a shirt after they complete Start Zone Entrance Booklet. Each parent will be notified of their child's achievement, and requested to send in the shirt size to be ordered for your child,. T&T are now divided into 2 groups. Grades 3&4 are Ultimate Aventure and the t-shirts are $13.00 with sizes running from size 10 to adult X large. Grades 5&6 are Ultimate Challenge. The shirts are $14.00. We will furnish a Badge Magic Sheet for Ultimate Challenge badges to be ironed on.

   If you have any questions, Or need assistance in any way, Please feel free to speak with our AWANA Commander,  or Secretary . One of us should be available each week at the front check-in area before AWANA starts.

   We look forward to having a great year with your child, and consider it a great privilege to partner with you parents in teaching your child God's word.